Smart Contract Auditing

Take care of bugs security vulnerabilities, and functional improvements for your smart contracts.

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  • Business Growth

Increase Brand Awareness

Our strong and robust smart contract auditing services gives your brand credibility and security which ultimately results in your brand recognition.

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  • Investors In People

Get Your Investors On Board

Our audits are transparent and and designed to help teams to be more transparent. We optionally release a public report that can be shared with your investors and stakeholders including listing for an exchange.

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  • Social Media Analysis

Harness Your Social Proof

The team at CTR Token Auditing helps their clients in reviewing their business’ metrics to assess growth, opportunities and what can be done to improve your social presence.

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CTR Token Auditing Offers a Diverse Range of Services for It’s Clients

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CTR Token Audit Smart Contract Process.


Get in touch with us to request an audit. You’ll need to provide  us with your code to scope.


Once our team of experts has scoped the codebase, we’ll send you a quote with a price and an estimated timeline.


After receiving a 50% deposit, we perform a comprehensive audit, keeping you notified of progress along the way.


You will receive a professional report detailing the findings of the audit, as well as recommended fixes.


After the review, you have the option for us to release a public version of the report, detailing the findings, fixes, and comments from your team.

We Boost Our Clients’ Bottom Line by Optimizing Their Smart Contracts.

Audits are usually completed within 3 to 5 days after payment. 24 hour emergency rush options are available!

Why Work With Us
We boost our clients to get more sales

Live Revisions

If we notice an issue while we are completing your audit, we’ll raise flags for you to correct before publishing.

User-Friendly Design

Average users can understand our audits, no advanced degree or knowledge of code is required.

Website Audit

We look at all aspects of a project’s website. We do spam analysis, spell check, console errors, and a responsive check to make sure it looks great on all screens.

Social Media Audit

We check all social media channels to see if there’s healthy activity and provide convenient links in the audit.

Location/Team Audit

We will do a location search and verify team members of the project (if they are public). Teams can also choose to verify their identity in private with CTR Token Auditing for added credibility.

Benefits of Our Smart Contract Auditing

Our highly competent professionals who have expertise in extensive experience in Ethereum, EOS and Hyperledger Smart Contracts.

Expert Team

You’ll be working with a rockstar team of security professionals who have years of experience in securing smart contracts.

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Private Report

We provide you with a detailed, comprehensive report detailing our findings with recommended fixes for your smart contract.

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Public Report

We optionally release a public report that can be shared with existing or potential stakeholders including listing on an exchange.

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Fixed Pricing

We’ll provide you with a fixed quote before starting the work – avoiding any unexpected surprises.

Stellar Support

If our report isn’t crystal clear, we’ll work with you to understand the risks and how to fix them.

We equip marketing leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Contract Audit?2021-08-12T08:01:11+09:30

Smart contract audit is the thorough scrutiny of the code that is used to underwrite the terms of Smart contract. It involves meticulously analysing the code to find and correct bugs, vulnerabilities and error in business logic.

Generally, smart contracts are audited by third parties to ensure that code is reviewed as carefully as possible and to enhance the security of the underlying Blockchain technology.

What is the duration of an audit?2021-08-12T22:28:44+09:30

The duration of an audit depends on the project size. A simple token contract (like ERC20 and others) can be audited in a span of a couple of days, whereas, a complex project such as of a decentralized exchange or a dApp may take anywhere between 3 to 10 days.

What differentiates automated audit from a manual audit?2021-08-12T08:01:53+09:30

In a manual audit, the code undergoes various inspections and tests by our team of Code Auditors to check the correct implementation of its specifications. While it is a manual audit, there exists a possibility of human error, missing out on hard to find bugs. In an automatic audit, the code is treated with various smart contract code testing tools that mathematically prove the implementation of the contract’s specifications.

What to expect in a Smart Contract Security Audit Report?2021-08-12T08:02:14+09:30

Our smart contracts auditors check for 125+ vulnerabilities in smart contracts. After scrutinizing the code, bugs are categorized as critical, major or minor with a reason behind each categorization. The report also provides recommendations on how to resolve the bugs wherever feasible.

How much does a Smart Contract Audit Cost?2021-08-12T08:02:29+09:30

Charges are a function of the complexity and duration of the audit. It also depends on the quality of the business requirement and technical documentation provided by the contract owners. Since every project has its different requirements and is unique in nature, we recommend you get in touch with our team with your requirements and get a customized quote for your project.

Do I Need A Smart Contract Audit?2021-08-12T08:02:53+09:30

Fast development cycles are typically counterproductive to developing high quality, secure code. Releasing untested, unaudited code onto mainnet is irresponsible and puts yourself and your users at risk. A smart contract audit ensures that an independent team, specialized in identifying functional and security issues, assesses the code to identify issues and improve the security posture.

Do You Accept Crypto Payments?2021-08-12T08:03:05+09:30

Yes, we accept payment in major cryptocurrencies.

When Am I Ready For An Audit?2021-08-12T08:03:17+09:30

We typically recommend that the audit be performed when the code is production ready, with a full-suite of unit tests and completed documentation. This helps our analysts establish a comprehensive understanding of the intended functionality of the system.

Why Are Smart Contract Audits Are Necessary?2022-08-10T16:41:38+09:30

The security implications of open, programmable money are immense. In-depth security is imperative to protect platforms and their users.

Whether it’s a financial tool, governance system, or game, smart contracts are inherently high risk.

Request a Smart Contract Security Audit

Our highly competent professionals have extensive experience in Ethereum, EOS and Hyperledger Smart Contracts.

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